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We're All the Government

When you hear the word "government" you probably think of the elected officials who represent us, make the laws, and enforce those laws. But here's the thing: we are all a part of the government. If you vote, you are doing your own part in government participation. It's a more important role than you might think! If you want to do an even better job in your role as a voter, then you should spend time learning a bit more about government and politics. There are so many resources that can help with this, and our blog is just one of them.

Tips When Voting For A District Attorney Candidate

A district attorney has the important job of prosecuting federal cases at the state level. They are appointed by the people. If you're currently in the position of voting for a candidate for a district attorney position in your area, here are some tips that can help. Review Past Legal Experience The person that's appointed district attorney in a given area should have the skills to do this job well. That's dependent on their legal background, which is a factor you'll want to carefully review before making your official pick. Read More 

Why It’s Worth It to Get Involved with a Non-Profit Congress Accountability Organization

Many people aren't aware of the organizations that are out there that focus on things like holding congress accountable for their actions. However, not only should you know that these organizations exist, but you should also consider learning more about them and getting involved with one of them. These are just some of the reasons why it is often worth it to get involved with a non-profit congress accountability organization. Read More 

Simple Ways Federal Agencies Can Buy IT Products From The SEWP Platform

If you manage a federal agency and are looking for IT products, you probably want to visit the SEWP platform. It comes loaded with a lot of practical IT products that can help you.  Briefly Browse Through a Catalog If you have never used the SEWP platform before, then one thing that can help you get a better grasp of the IT products your federal agency will have access to is going through the catalog. Read More 

Why You Should Get Your News Locally

When it comes to how you get your news, you have a lot of options. You can turn to the internet, as many people do these days. Or, you can switch on a global or national news channel. However, one tried and true option still stands out above all the rest: local news coverage. This option is a great one for a variety of reasons. Make sure you consider these advantages the next time you decide where and how to consume your news. Read More 

Why You Should Consider Getting Involved In Political Lobbying For Animal Welfare

You might be involved in various political causes, or you might be someone who really loves animals. Even if one or both of these things are true, however, you might have never gotten involved in political lobbying for animal welfare. In fact, you might have never thought about it or why it might be an important thing to get involved in. If you are looking for a way to make a positive change and to get involved in causes that you are passionate about, however, getting involved in political lobbying for animal welfare can actually be a great idea. Read More